F 2002 - D 2003


I, Magus MacGreggor, come from a very distant world, deep within the Outer Rim, a place known as...Vestra. Being so far away from the Core worlds are allowed it to keep it's independence, and it's economy soared through mining and trade. Over the years the Empire took notice to this trading business, that's when my story starts. My father, part of the Vestraen nobility, established his own trade franchise, and dealt exclusively with Imperial outposts scathered throughout the Rim. Soon enough I was part of the family business, and my skills as a pilot impressed many in my hometown. I was happy with my life, and wouldnt change a thing, but my father pictured my future quite differently. Pulling a few strings, he managed to enroll me in an Imperial flight school, hoping that I would become a great pilot, and eventually, high ranking naval officer. Not that I disliked the Empire, but I really didnt want to do that. I still went to the academy, graduated among the top of my class, but never enrolled in the navy. Using what was left of my scholarship fund, I bought myself a ship, and set out to make some credits. In my many travels, I made new ing and we decided to unite ourselves and make some credits in the Import/Export business.

A flaming escape pod and a partial amnesia is all Magus had left...Waking up from what seemed to be the longest sleep in his life, he looked at his datapad and tried to retrace what had happened to him...A big space battle over Wroona...a wrecked Marauder Corvette... and a twi'lek pirate. Still hearing the screams of agony from his now deceased crew in his head...he was starting to lose his mind, and collapse on the landing pad. Magus was taken in by a group of wroonians, who nursed him back to health. Remaining hidden in the shadows, he watched as his rivals looted his shops on life... he said to himself...Time to become clean again, as I once was about his business unnoticed by those who once knew him, or thought they knew him...

Engineering Company Owner

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Bothan Spy Network Leader

Surprisingly enough, this man of the shadows and seemingly harmless procurer of engineering goods was the in fact leader of BSN.

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