Swamp and bog filled lands fill this odiferous planet. A bountiful and livable place only for Hutts and Gamorreans, the quagmire posed many challenges to other beings. During the time of a prospering Republic, Nal Hutta also seemed to thrive for a time with the creation of the Jewel of the Nal. The casino was owned and run by His Most Fabulous and Corpulent Majesty the Great and Superfluous Zannos Anjiliac Gronas the Hutt, founder of Zanncorp. Several of the most well loved as well as the most despised beings started their careers with Zanncorp, including Thein Falen, the well known and respected CEO of Core Worlds Engineering, and Isai Coren, a Sith, and the most hated being of that time. Being cornered by a group of Mandalorians who demanded all of his ships, Zannos sacrificed the Jewel and his own life to save his pride, and to send a message to the beings who declared war on him. The end of the Jewel marked the end of the prosperity of Nal Hutta. Several other events mark the history of Nal Hutta besides the glorious and deadly fireworks display that was the Jewel. Over the planet, the Patriarchy of the Lorell Raiders crumbled and died by the hands of the Republic in a bloody space battle. This singular event marked the end of a powerful and often feared group of pirates.

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