F 2002 - D 2003

Commander, diplomat and short term leader of the Imperials.

Sari Pashali was born on Byss into a middle-class family. She had three brothers and two other sisters before her. She was the youngest and most often recieved the most attention from her parents who owned a small electronics shop on Byss. Her brothers had joined the Empire when they were seventeen and all but one had met their fate when Coruscant had been overrun by the New Republican guards. Her sisters had chosen a more subtle life style by marrying young to wealthier more prominent families around the galaxy. As Sari grew up with most of the attention, she has become very self-absorbed and uptight. Often being able to talk herself out of situations that have been deadly, she has become very quick with the tongue, and believes she can talk her way out of almost any situation with ease.

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