F 2002 - D 2003

Anna's first character on LOTJ.

 Sora is 5ft 9in tall. She has long black hair, and was jailed unjustly from the NR

She applied to the Imperial element but never hired it appears as she shows up in Drakkon's notes.

 Commander Sari Pashali

Subject: human female Sora

&Ga) She worked for Vazzo's privateers a few years ago b) She was jailed or caught by the rebels for an issue.
c) Lord Terminus indicated she worked for him
&zooc) Her account hijacked and the imposter used her account to kill Imperials and others in a bloodbath that was fixed up by ghost.
&Gd) She was found to be wielding weapons in the Coruscant workshop and mayhem ensued. She defensibly disabled Imperial Inspection teams. The issue was resolved with her being banned from Imperial planets pending Lord Terminus' decision.

As this is such a minor issue not worthy of Lord Terminus' time, I have delegated the resolution of this issue to you.

Please meet this individual and assess her use to the Empire. Your ruling will be my will on this matter. If you require resources or assets, I shall attach them to you.

Drakkon Talderaa
High Admiral

&zOOC: cc Sora

She ended up joining the private clan Vazzo's Privateers.

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