Early Summer 2005 - C 200X. Old Republic Era

During the formation of the Galactic Republic, the people of Coruscant elected Zurg'bra to represent the system in the Republic Senate. A native of Nal Hutta, Zurg'bra had been living in exile on Coruscant for the past century, and had become a highly regarded pillar of the community. An outcast of his own kind, he found Coruscanti ideals more in alignment with his own, making him a rare example of how even a Hutt can become a decent person in the right circumstances.

As the Senator of Coruscant, when Zurg'bra chose to throw his support behind Narain Velorn of Naboo, there was no doubt of who would be the first Supreme* Chancellor of the Galactic Republic. Having chosen not to run for Chancellor himself, Zurg'bra was the obvious choice for Vice-Chancellor after Velorn was elected unanimously by the Senate. He would then go on to have the distinction of being one of the most influential framers of the Galactic Republic, and shape events for generations to come.

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  • An interesting aside, originally the title of Chancellor of the Republic was to be Supreme Chancellor. Shortly after the first elections were held by the Senate, Vice-Chancellor Zurg'bra put forward a vote to have the title changed simply to Chancellor. Zurg'bra argued that the connotations of having Supreme in the official title of the Chief of State, seemed to imply that the authority of the state was virtually limitless, and unbound by the rule of law and the will of the people. Not the best way, in his views, to start a new democratic Republic.